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Mass Affect Advertising is a successful Boston area web services company specializing in innovative and cost-effective banner ad design. Our banner ad design services have been created to produce sales and build brand awareness. Our banner ad designs can be used in an individual banner ad campaign or as a component of an integrated Internet Marketing campaign.

In any banner ad campaign, the key to success is the banner ad itself. We customize banner ads that fit your image and, at the same time, attract your customers because we know what makes people click. It’s never just a pretty banner, but a combination of good design and an insight on what attracts eyes and induces action.

Banner ad designs come in many variations from standard general purpose to customized banner ads for high profile image branding campaigns or are designed specifically for a target web site. We provide many designs you can choose from. If you have a specific banner ad design in mind, we design the banner to your specifications until you are 100% satisfied. All our banner ad designs meet the Internet Advertising Bureau standards.

Banner ad campaigns

There are many things you have to consider when advertising your business or product on the Internet through a banner ad campaign. Is click-through important? Is your goal brand awareness? If you’re running a branding banner ad campaign you won’t be able to fully measure success by direct customer response, such as click-through or purchases.

No banner ad campaign is perfect the first time, so you need to plan for some course corrections while the banner ad is running. Since there are many variables are at work in the success of a banner ad campaign, the best strategy is to run a test campaign first. First select the sites to advertise and make sure that they are targeted toward the audience you want to reach, and pay for one month’s worth of advertising. This way, you can test the waters before risking a big investment. Then you need to put a banner ad-tracking program in place or use the response reports provided by the target site to capture the response data. You’ll need to be able to turn the data the tracking program captures into meaningful steps for improvement. Sometimes barely perceptible changes in your campaign can greatly improve its effectiveness – but you must pinpoint exactly what those changes need to be.

During the test month, you can make adjustments to your banner ad campaign until you find the winning combination of banner ad placement – the sites and/or the location on each Web page where your banner ad appears – and banner ad design. Then you’ll be ready to spend money on longer, more expensive campaigns, knowing you’re getting the maximum return on investment (ROI) on your banner ad dollars.

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Banner Ad Design and Placement

Our banners are designed to build brand awareness and increase sales leads. They come in standard IAB/CASIE banner sizes and in static or animated format.

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