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Here is a good SEO check list

SEO Check List Guidelines

Professional SEO Services will mean your site will work much better with major search engines and get more traffic.

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You will, as a result of hiring a qualified SEO consultant, achieve greater success in business, than having a site that is neglected with no on-page SEO or authority backlinks coming in from high PR sites. This is what we call bad SEO techniques. So, right out of the gate, do your research, and everything else will fall into place.

SEO Check List Guidelines:

seo_checklistWe recommend reading these and future articles on this site.

Only the best SEO articles with good webmaster techniques and SEO guidelines will be permitted. If you are looking for honest and valuable SEO tips to use for your website optimization, then you should always start off with a site audit (site analysis) to show where you stand in the search engine results pages. This should come complete with a keywords report and ranking report to benchmark where you stand in relation to the competition in your market for certain keywords which you are trying to rank for.

Here is a good SEO check list:

Keyword Research: Make sure you are targeting the right market and demographic. It goes without saying that it is important to get this right in order to attract relevant web traffic to your site. Carry out some research with the Google AdWords Tool and explore any sites that offer free SEO advice to help you gain an edge on the competition.

Page Titles & Descriptions: Do all the pages on your site have the correct page titles and meta data based on your keyword research? When focusing on a particular keyword for instance, take a look at the longtail descriptions and look at using both singular and plural forms as well as three and four keyword phrases to attract visitors based on the keywords they are searching for.

Image Alt-tags: Do all the images on your site contain relevant and descriptive keywords (alt-tags)? Using short descriptions with each graphic will help search engines define your site and rank your site higher based on relevant overall content. Always choose descriptive file names instead of just random words or numbers for each graphic.

Keywords and Content A HUGE!

Keywords: Again keywords will get you found in major search engines based on what users are actually searching for so embed these keywords right in titles, descriptions, images, meta tags, header, footer, and other content areas. The more articles you write on a given subject, with proper wording and keywords, will get your site noticed, and rewarded with double and triple traffic in a short time.

Content: Here we go again. Content is king! If the content is great, with proper keywords, related to your site’s subject matter, it will be optimized and will fully grab that attention of the search engines including Google. The right keyword density within the article copy works well so use both singular and plural forms of keywords in your text. Don’t overload the content just make it as natural as possible in your own words using proper English with roughly 3-5% keywords throughout the article. Search engines love longer pages of content about 400+ words or so focus on quality over quantity, and you will see quick results.

URLs: Always use a descriptive URL with your keywords right in the URL when possible instead of ones that are made up of random numbers or words. This will definitely help the search engines rank you site and also help visitor find your site on the web based solely on organic search results.

Keep these SEO tips in mind and you will create a viral site that visitors will come to time and time again. Whether you need SEO Services in Canada or the US, or elsewhere, always stick to the basics and you can’t go wrong, especially with Google’s Best Practices.

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