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From: Ryan Lima
Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Are you tired of checking Google to see if you can find your website in the top search results for your keywords, only to be disappointed time after time? I can relate. When I built my first website back in 2007, I couldn’t wait for the traffic and sales to start rolling in! I kept checking my webstats every day, but nobody was visiting my website. Then one day I was researching search engine optimization (SEO) for my own websites and I stumbled upon a process that allowed me to get high rankings on the major search engines for several very popular keyword phrases – and I’ve been using it successfully ever since!

We both know why you are here, so let’s skip the small talk and get down to business. You want new targeted traffic for your website, and lots of it. Not only that, but you want free organic search engine traffic that you don’t have to pay for. If this is the goal you have for your website, do yourself a favor and read my proposal below. What I have to offer is a no-frills search engine optimization (SEO) service that is guaranteed to bring free search engine traffic to your website. Not just free traffic, but targeted traffic that is relevant to your website and the products or services that you have to offer.

This is what you will receive in our SEO Services Package:

  • Keyword research and discovery consultation for your website via email with me.
  • Permanent relevant links to your website from over 2,600 different high quality websites.
  • Press release website on a new domain with relevant content and links to your website.
  • Five new articles with your backlinks added to 2,600+ websites – no duplicate content!
  • Weekly search engine ranking reports for your website showing its ranking progress.
  • Control panel access to see SEO reports and to view the websites that are linking to yours.
  • Optional optimization of your website’s metatags and/or keywords if needed or requested.
  • Guaranteed first-page Google ranking for your website or get your money back!

Here’s how it works: After you complete the purchase, you will receive an email request from me requesting your website address and the keywords that you want your website to rank high on Google for. Once we mutually agree upon five keyword phrases, I will add your link to over 2,600 websites (added gradually over a 90-day period so the links don’t build too quickly). The new keyword phrases that we agree upon will be embedded in the anchor text of these new links.

We will then create a “press release” website for your website, which will be developed using a new .com domain name. The domain name and the metatags in the website will have your keywords in them. We will then write five new unique articles based on your keywords (no duplicate content), and add them to your new press release website and to the 2,600 websites in our network. This process takes about 7-10 days to complete, and you should begin to see results within 30-90 days on your weekly search engine ranking reports. Each week you will receive your weekly search engine ranking reports to monitor your progress. We guarantee at least one first-page Google ranking within six months. If not, we will run another six-month SEO campaign or refund your money (your choice). But no one takes us up on this because we get results!

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Detailed Description Of SEO Process:

 Keyword Research & Discovery

When I optimize a website for high search engine ranking, I always start off with extensive keyword research. This is the single most important process of SEO, and this is where my 12 years of experience as a full-time SEO specialist gives me an unfair advantage over some of the less-experienced SEO hobbyists out there. If you get this one wrong, all of your subsequent SEO efforts will be in vain – so don’t entrust your website to amateurs.

When it comes to choosing the appropriate keywords for a website, there are a lot of factors to consider. First of all, what keyword market are you going to attempt to target? Is it a keyword phrase that is too competitive, or one that is already dominated by powerful corporate websites? What are the highest-paying keywords on the pay-per-click search engines? Once we make these crucial determinations, I use professional keyword tracking tools to determine the most relevant keyword phrase to use when optimizing the website. I will also consult with you to discuss and consider your own keyword ideas as part of the research and discovery phase.

 Thousands Of Relevant Backlinks

It’s a well-documented fact that if your website doesn’t have links pointing to it from other websites, it will never rank high on the search engines. In fact, over 90% of the websites on the Internet have less than 10 links pointing to them, and because of that they are all lost at the bottom of the search engine results. All they need are a generous amount of relevant links from other websites to send them straight to the top of Google. This is what separates my service from other SEO service companies:

These links have been powerful enough in the past to get new websites to the top of Google for their keywords in as little as seven days! At any time, you can login to your control panel to see which of our member websites are linking to yours. In addition, these are all one-way links, meaning that you don’t have to add any code to your website to reciprocate the links.

Five Custom Articles Written Using Your Keywords

Getting thousands of new links for your website will do wonders for its ranking on Google… so just imagine what getting five new full-page custom articles written about your website and placed on thousands of websites will do! My professional writing associates will write five custom articles based on your website’s keywords. We will then place the articles on over 2,600 different websites in the LinksMaster network and in your press release website. Each of these permanent full-page articles will reside on its own exclusive web page with no other links on the page but yours. We guarantee no duplicate content!

Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports and LINK Reports

Each week I will send you an email to let you know that the weekly Search Engine Ranking Report is ready for your website

These valuable reports will show you the progress of your website’s ranking on the top three major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing/MSN) for your keywords on a weekly basis. You will be able to view a history of each keyword phrase that your website is ranked for. Without these automated reports, you would have to spend several hours each week manually tracking down your search engine ranking for all of the keywords associated with your website.

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Or Call me at 978.94.2231

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