Colors in web design

How We Use Colors in web design

Color is a powerful component in web design. It defines a web site’s environment and influences the mood and emotion. Web designers, therefore, must plan the use of colors in a web design carefully. No matter which colors are chosen, colors must be used consistently throughout the design. If used that way, colors create visual boundaries that give a web site a feeling of place.

Choose appropriate colors

The choice of colors in a web design must reflect the purpose of the web site and enhance the overall design. Hospitals, banks and corporate offices choose colors for their decor that soothe or inspire confidence because they are appropriate to their purpose. The same principle should be applied to web design.

The effects of color in web design

Colors make us feel. Sepia tones evoke memories of days long passed. Psychedelic color combinations take us back to the ’60s. Turquoise and yellow combinations or avocado green remind us of the ’50s. Colors can make us feel frivolous or somber. Bright blues and yellows are reminiscent of sunny summer days; corporate grays speak of conservatism; black and white of elegance. We’ve all spoken of black moods, feeling blue and associated green with jealousy, red with rage. Some colors command our attention, others make us feel tranquil. Use this response to color to support the purpose of your web site.

Color theory

It is important for every web designer to understand the basics of color theory, to understand how colors complement and interact with each other. An understanding of the color wheel, primary, secondary, and accent colors will help with selecting colors for a web design.

Web color inconsistencies

Even with carefully selected colors, remember that what you see may not be what your web site visitors see. To minimize problems caused by display inconsistencies, it is important for a web designer to understand the causes of those problems. Colors outside of the browser-safe palette can cause dithering problems. Even browser-safe colors can display differently on different monitors.