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Creating a complete quality website and getting seriously interested customers is not enough. You must follow up on customers. You’ve invested money and we’ve done all this great work, so don’t let your staff drop the ball.

  • Reply to customers quickly.
  • Answer questions completely, the first time.
  • Have well prepared “canned” text to insert into replies where appropriate, BUT DO NOT RELY ON CANNED MESSAGES.

You want to engage them before their attention and interest goes somewhere else – to a competitor, or out of town, or they get too busy. You would be surprised how many companies wait too long.

We have staff who can help make sure these roles are performed well.

Besides interacting with customers, it is important to analyze recent past website traffic. We can tell you all of the following, and more!”

  • How many visitors per day were there?
  • Where did they coming from? Google? Yahoo? Other websites? Or did they come from nowhere else but just typed in the website address?
  • What keywords did they use to find you? (This suggests ways we can improve your website.)
  • What pages on your website are most popular? Where do people go on your website?
  • How long do visitors browse your website before leaving? Where do they exit your website?

We can report all of the above and much more.

We can maximize the returns on your internet website investment.

As an established offshore website company, we can provide the best reliability and quality at an economical rate. Your website should pay for itself many times over with new business.

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CALL US TODAY AT 978.394.2231