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Internet Marketing Consultant Services

Internet Marketing Consultant Services


We are a Massachusetts local internet marketing consultant. Our over 14 years of internet marketing and web development experience has enabled us to become quite knowledgeable at internet marketing. We have worked with major universities and multi-national corporations with dozens of internationally branded products brands.

We have focused our core specialty to local businesses only. The work is more fun, more personal and the noticeable returns are much faster. Massachusetts internet marketing consulting allows for us to meet with clients one on one in private consultation and address the internet marketing needs specific to their exact situation.

If you are looking for an internet marketing consultant in the Massachusetts area, with experience with major web brands, and is willing to reveal exactly what you need to do to get your local business noticed in local search – what would that be worth? read more below for some specific details and benefits of working with us.

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There are a lot of Internet/Web companies out there – we get that. How many of them have over 16 years of experience? How many have experienced the significant changes, the evolution,  on the internet and in web technologies during that time?

We have! We have been there, done that, seen it, touched it, lived it. But… at the end of the day who do you trust to guide your internet marketing and web presence? We suggest that you trust us – not because we say so but that our results speak louder than anything else.

If you have the “other guys” spending months struggling (and spending money) to get your website or other assets on the first page of Google – we have clients with not one but as many as 7 page one Google results. Thats’ EXPERTISE!



Your Internet Marketing Consultant must be able to provide clear strategy for achieving the clients goals. The strategy must be a clear measurable plan. This plan acts as a road map to the internet marketing goals.

The strategy must be a plan that provides a winnable solution to the clients best interests. For the strategy to be effective it must be based on direct knowledge and experience.



Solutions are an integral part of internet marketing. Solutions are much like wisdom – they came after years of knowledge and experience. Without knowledge, one most likely cannot know of a potential marketing tactic’s effectiveness. Merely knowing of a tactic is not a solution in and of itself.

Your consultant, advisor, solutions provider must have practical hands-on knowledge of potential tactics to know if they are or are not a viable solution to the client. Solutions solve internet marketing problems in a positive way for the client. They are clear, measurable and manageable.



The internet marketing consultant is foremost a manager. What do internet marketing consultants manage?

  1. The accurate assessment of a client’s marketing strengths and weaknesses.
  2. The formulation of a plan of action that considers all factors and desires of the client.
  3. The implementation of the internet marketing plan.
  4. Evaluation and determination of plan’s effectiveness.
  5. Course corrects to the marketing plan.
  6. Delivery of the final goals of the marketing plan.

In addition, internet marketing consultants can act as a project manager if plans are being completed by various 3rd parties. Internet marketing consultants/managers keep plans on time and on budget in accordance with the best interests of the client.

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