Logo FAQs

Mass Affect Logo FAQs

Qestions and Answers!

How long does it take to see the first round of samples of my company logo design?

It takes 3 to 5 days for our designers to create the first round of company logo designs (either, 3, 8, or 10 based on package ordered). Once you pick the corporate logo design you like best, we then do revisions as specified in each package.

What is the maximum number of changes I can request for my final company logo design?

Because we want you to be 100% satisfied we will make changes to the final corporate logo design you’ve chosen until you’re happy.

What if I don’t like any of initial corporate logo designs?

We will design additional company logos based on the package you ordered.

If I have my own ideas about how my corporate logo design should look, what do I do?

Our order form has space on it for you to describe your specific ideas. The more you give our designers the better initial corporate logo design we can do.

Can you redo my existing company logo?

Sure, mention that during the order process and show us where we can see it. We’ll improve upon it.

Who owns the rights to my company logo design?

The customer does. Always. 100%.

If the number of redraws is unlimited does that mean I can ask for changes whenever I want?

No. Specific reasons have to be given if a redraw is required. These situations are always handled on a case by case basis. Once you approve the logo however, any additional changes would require an additional fee.

Under what circumstances can I get a refund?

We don’t offer refunds because we continue to work with our customers to design a logo that is acceptable to them. We will go as far has having a totally different designer make a new set of logos, if a customer can’t find any logo in the first set that is acceptable.

What color format do you provide the logos in?

Our company logo designs are provided in CMYK colors.

What are CMYK colors?

CMYK colors are used for off-set printing purposes. Prints include standard colored stationary etc.

Can my corporate logo be in RGB colors?

CMYK colors are convertible to RGB colors (aka screen colors). However, when you print in RGB colors, the colors will not look exactly as they do on screen. Thus, RGB colors are best used for company logos that will only be used online (ie. not for print).

What is the difference between a “redraw” and a “revision”?

Revisions are changes made to your logo concepts that involve color, size, font or building on the design itself. A redraw is a complete redesign of all logo concepts – basically starting over.