Maintaining Your Site

Maintaining Your Site

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Site

When your website has been built, you will need to get to know the functions that will operate it. The CMS or Content Management System, Autoresponder and the Shopping Cart system are the main functions. These services have tutorials however we are willing to still give an extra support just in case you need it. We make sure that you will get someone who is very reliable and an expert in the areas you need help with. We do not just have excellent website designers we have top notch experts of the internet marketing world. They are willing to help you grow your business now!

We know how important money is to you.

When it comes to Custom Web Development, you can get our service on an hourly rate. We know that extra coding, designing or programming that you need help with will not entail a one-year contract cost. You can get help from us on these matters and be charged by the hour.

On ordering an Hourly Work Package, you will receive a form to fill in basic details and information. We will also send you the form to your email in case you need more time.

Hourly Rate is 197.00