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Mass Affect Webdesign, located in Massachusetts, offers Affordable Web Design And Hosting Services. Are you searching for a company which helps your business to go online with high quality and still it suits to your budget?. Yes, here your search stops. You have found your reliable, affordable, professional, custom web designer Mass Affect Web Design And Hosting Services.

Affordable does not mean low quality of web design. We provide you professional, high quality web design and hosting services at affordable cost. We guarantee you, our hosting server has 99.9% uptime.

Instead of reading about our high quality, affordable price, take a look at our portfolio.

Our Affordable Services

Business Pro – 650$

15 Pages Web Design
Free Domain
1 Year Pro Hosting
5 Hours Maintance
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Hosting Plans Starts @ 3$

C Panel
Unlimited E-mail
MySQL Database
Web Stats
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Business Basic – 250$

5 Pages Web Design
Free Domain
1 Year Basic Hosting
5 Hours Maintance
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E-Commerce Elite – 997$

Shopping Cart
Free Domain
1 Year Elite Hosting
10 Hours Maintance
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OK. At this point a question araise in you. why do i need web site? and why do i choose Mass Affect Webdesign?

Why you need a web site – Top 5 reasons:

1. To Promote Your Organization, Products, Services

Promoting your organization, products, services with a small investment can never possible without a web site design. With one small web design and proper SEO, you can tell all about your organization, products, prices, services and even let you client to contact you immediately.

2. To keep your clients up-to-date

You web site design, helps you to keep your clients up-to-date about your company events, new products, price changes and everything.

3. Round the clock Service

Yes, your web site can offer a round the clock service to your customer 365 days a year, 31 days in a month, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Even in holidays a automated reply, your clients feel that you are always in touch and offer a high quality service.

4. Market your products Locally, Nationally and Internationally

Your web site can market your products and services to all local, national and international markets with one single small investment. Our SEO comes here to you with this. No other technologies or human can do this at this price.

5. Customers Expect It

When people heard about your company and your products, services, they immediately want to cross check your professionalism, so that they can place orders.This may sound silly, but think of yourself, when you wish to buy something, you immediately want to cross check all the details about the product by yourself rather than telling by a sales representative.

Why Mass Affect Webdesign?

Majority of web designing companies are designing web sites for clients based on the users who use Internet Explorer browser. Now, what if your customers use other browsers like Firefox, Netscape, Safari and Opera? They can not see your website as you like. Because other browser are not same as IE. What is the solution for this problem?

The answers is, you have to have a web site design with W3C standards. W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, defines standards for a web site design. If you web site design builted based on this standards then it will look alike in all browsers. Here Mass Affect Webdesign Affordable Web Design and Hosting Services comes to help a W3C standard web site. All our web site building process are based on these standards and you can always check it within your site with the help of links provided to w3c for validation.

This not only helping you to look of your web site looks alike with all customers regardless of browsers, benefits of the w3c standard web design are beyond that. When you decided to do Search Engine Optimization, you site will get good ranking than the site which has not compaitable with those standards. And another benefit is web maintenance is easy. So web maintenance costs for you, in future, will be slashed down to earth.

Our web site hosting servers are high speed servers to ensure that even your customer, who use dial-up internet connection, can experience a fast loading web site design. We guarantee you, a 99.9% uptime and emailing you ever month a report, which contains the information about your web site performance. Mass Affect Webdesign always believes in long time relationships, so we took future of your business and ours into consideration for mutual benefit.

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