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Dear Restaurant & Hotel Owner / Proprietor/ Manager/ Director (delete as appropriate)

I know that you are an incredibly busy person and have a demanding job running a restaurant, I am well aware of the time constraints that you have as I also come from a background in hospitality.

What I have to say to you today is so important that I would like to catch your attention for just a few moments, and to share with you something that can be incredibly powerful to your business. I would like to ask you to spend a few moments to read my letter and please trust me that I would not ask you to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule unless I truly believed that it was in your best interests. I would like you to read this letter to the end.

What I will share with you will blow your mind, it will be backed up by facts and figures and every single word is written by me and not by a copywriter, and every single fact can be backed up and proved with testimonials and references, hard data and facts.

Obviously, with the financial crash and many lost jobs there was zero demand for our services, I was not in demand and I was forced to learn something new, very quickly and get back into the market again as fast as possible with a better business, capable of thriving under the current climate. What transpired was not a quick turnaround as I had hoped, in fact until now I have been underground and learning and testing and watching the market place evolve and at the same time working out a path that allowed an opening for me to enter with the right product or service at the right time.

I spent on average 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week for the past 7 months and by my calculations I have now acquired over 2000 hours of learning my new skills and knowledge and have come to the market pace with a unique service, specifically for the hospitality industry and it is something that in most major cities and regions is not being done by anyone else…well not to the extent that I will be doing and certainly not with the same impact that I am about to bring to the marketplace.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about total domination web 2.0 internet marketing…online marketing for offline businesses….modern marketing that has been tested, proven and offers you the power to totally own Google first pages for your marketplace become THE LOCAL CELEBRITY for Google content and search.

I am talking about having multiple listings on Google front page for terms that I have been testing to be what I term as “buying” or ‘money” words. You will see In a few moments what this could mean for you personally, for your business and for your bottom line.

Lets create an example…let’s say you have an Italian restaurant in Edinburgh .Imagine that you owned Google front page for the keywords “Italian in Edinburgh” / Italian restaurant in Edinburgh / eating out in Edinburgh and Edinburgh Italian restaurant reviews…let’s say that these combined terms have a total search volume per day of 1680 unique searches on Google.

Lets imagine then that for those 4 keywords that when these 1680 searchers types into Google they found your restaurant multiple times on the first pages. Let’s just say that you were there so many times that you practically own Google first pages for those highly targeted, high volume, high commercial intent keywords….do you think that would help your business? Absolutely!

Let me show you some more numbers…imagine that we have a typical follow through rate of 5% of those searches actually find their way through to your restaurant that day, a further 5 % by the end of the week if they are tourists and a further 10% by the end of the month if they are local…can you see where I am going with this?

Now, remember earlier I said that I had been testing this…Well let’s use some facts instead of assumptions. 5% is actually a very conservative number for searches for these particular keywords, why? Well, they are highly motivated searches, they are commercial intent, the figure is actually likely to be around 15-20% at least and that’s determined by the person answering your phone when they call to get more info or to book a table!

But for the sake of those that are a little skeptical I want to show you a calculation at 5%

Now if that restaurant was earning on average £30.00 per person and that 5% came on their own with no friends (unlikely, but we will have skeptical people reading this too!)

That would be 84 people per day, spending £30.00 = £2520.00 per day!
That would be 588 people per week spending = £17,640.00 per week
That would be 2352 people per month spending = £70,560.00 per month
That would be over 28,000 people per year spending = almost £850k per year!
If I was wrong …if I over estimated by 50%…would £425k feel like a kick in the teeth?

Let me ask you a question…

How much is your current marketing budget?

Do you expect to get anywhere near that sort of result for what you are spending now?

How much do you spend on yellow pages, radio adverts, local publications etc?

Do you think this is something that you want to hear more about?

At this stage you will have some questions, but I want to dig slightly deeper, I want to show you another more common but often misused asset..This is a freebie on me as I am happy to help people see things that are not going to affect my own game plan.

I speak to restaurant owners all the time, I make it my business to do so and have done for years as it is my business to make acquaintances with them. Often they are spending a lot of money on advertising this or that and they are running radio ads and guess what…most of the people they are advertising to are their existing clients, in fact often it is the same faces that turn up at every new promotion.

Now I often ask the managers and owners, do you have a mailing list for either direct mail or email? Often they have something for one or even both but they don’t use it…why? Well often they feel they don’t know how to. So let’s take a look at a client I worked with in Louisiana (I was underground for months. Remember? Hope you are still paying attention!)

So the client has a small but reasonably busy restaurant, an average spend of $75 in a quite up market area…he has regular clients and he often does not need to advertise. But we had to work with what we had right? So anyway, we set up some tests, we started to collect email addresses from clients, after a week we have around 200, after a month we have around 640 and after 3 months we have around 900…remember it’s often the same faces.

We set up promotional emails going out weekly for Wednesday night dinner promotions as it is quiet, we set up in advance promotions for upcoming holidays and events and special dates in the calendar. I won’t go into detail how and what cost etc as I will keep that as a loaded gun for my clients to benefit from, but we took a small, successful restaurant, using its own customer case over a short period of time into 6 figures extra income!

Now, usually I hear people saying at this point…why are you telling this to so many people, what if someone just takes your ideas and hires someone else to do what you are suggesting? Well it’s a fair question but the real truth is that it’s taken me and some friends that I paid to learn from…who are some of the very top people in the business several months to test and work out the how, what, why and when and if I have a client who chooses to take my advice and go after the keywords that I suggest, using my methods and letting my team do all the work for them then we know that we have enough firepower to absolutely dominate any marketplace.

The fact is that there are multiple markets in every city, there are niches and micro niches and if someone wants to go for a niche its cool, I mean that, if there is a restaurateur out there reading this and can’t afford to hire me but who will put in the effort of doing all the things needed to dominate that market then great. But if I have a client who also wants that market then unfortunately it will be extremely hard to stop us.

So at this stage I have to let you decide…

Do you want to be the local superstar on Google?

Would you not think that if you had a surge in sales from my strategies that it would cut your costs and increase your profits?

Do you think that by dominating the content searches through strategic planning that your status in the local marketplace could create a celebrity status for you as the voice of authority in your marketplace? Would that drive more sales in itself?

What about the lead capture mechanisms that we would put into place and manage for you that increased a small restaurant’s revenue by 6 figures using their own client base?

The good news is that I am able to create these things as a reality for those that want it badly enough, the bad news is that there isn’t so many cities, restaurant types and buying or money keywords to please everyone.

The real good news is that we are very affordable and we make our packages part commission based upon results that we believe we can bring to you. In fact I would be surprised if what we are asking for is more than you are wasting right now on your marketing that is often immeasurable and probably doesn’t work too well.

So, I will ask you guys who know me to get on board now, many of you know me well enough to know that when I have something it is worth listening to, and those that don’t to get one board anyway and don’t let someone else take your market!

We are rolling this out one city at a time, this is to ensure that we can quickly fill the spaces that we have for the keywords that we suggest and so that we can focus on just a few clients at a time and get to know them well, if we went national it would not be personal, it would be stretched and it would be not my style. The door is open now, if you are reading this then we are in your city and we are not going to be here for long, get on board now!

All you have to do is fill in the form, it has 10 real easy questions that will give me enough info to have my team research and give you some facts. From there it’s a decision on your part and once you are committed to our online marketing for restaurants then you will have access to me personally at least once a week and you will have my personal involvement in your marketing. / you will have the thrill of watching Google first pages being filled up with your pages for the real keywords that matter!

Is this something you would like to hear more about or probably not?

We do not expect that everyone will be able to afford or risk the money for our top product and let’s face it, not everyone wants to have the celebrity status. With that in mind we are offering a starter package that would benefit any restaurant or hotel which includes a web site or blog, fully customized, with a lead capture system set up built in, and we will even supply you 12 professionally produced videos with average time of around 10-15 minutes each that shows you the basics of Web 2.0 traffic generation and if followed as shown on the videos, is more than enough to easily boost your profile on the web to bring in loads of new customers and capture their details to build a relationship sell to them again and again. That package is £500.00 and also comes with a free Teleseminar which will also be recorded for folks that can’t make it.

Our other packages are available on request of a brochure, prices start at £500.00 for 4 of our basic packages and go right up to £5000.00 for the top package with other packages in between at £1500 & £3000…I bet many of you have spent more than that on a recruitment fee for less return!

Our first city is Glasgow…If you are reading this email or fax and you are from Glasgow then feel free to email or fax back with any questions, alternatively you can go onto our temporary website which does have a contact page and some extra info.

The site is temporary as we are in the midst of building a facebook type of community site for our members to allow them to talk and communicate with each other and share their marketing experiences within the hospitality industry. This will also include later a new section for recruitment of chefs, sommeliers, managers, bar staff and our key personnel with video profiles for a new style temp service which will not be charging extortionate hourly rates or permanent recruitment fees that go into the thousands, it is just one low cost monthly fee for the website membership…more details to follow on that will follow in the coming weeks.

We invite you to join us on a journey to take your marketing and later your networking and even your recruitment to new places and methods that you have never seen before.

Welcome to 2017 and beyond!

Welcome to Local Hospitality Marketing & Networking

Please fill in our client enquiry form to learn more about our marketing online for restaurants and hotels services

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