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Managing your website entails a lot of thinking and planning. Oftentimes, one need not be a pro to understand that simplifying your web design will likely attract more potential visitors and customers. A simple website is sleeker, neater and more friendly to navigate among web users. The websites that are over-complicated tend to discourage its visitors to stay longer and explore the information available for them including any products or services offered from the website they are visiting.

Here are the common mistakes that you should avoid in order not to over-complicate your website:

Skipping research

Even the pros never dispense from making a constant research on what is the best website design that will be appealing to web users. You cannot simply create a website design which you only think is the best one for your customers. Web users usually evolve in their taste and preferences, something important that you should give credence to. Do not skip this important part of planning for a good website and simplify your brainstorming task by getting a direct answer from web users on what would be the most ideal website design they find appealing. Visiting web design forums is a good place to start or you can even post a survey directly on your site to ask your visitors how to improve your website design to be user friendly.

Complicated site structures

When your visitors have difficulty in finding tabs such as when they want to log out from your site, then you are definitely maintaining a complicated site structure. If you want to give an impressive design to your visitors, it is essential that you are providing them the comfort and convenience when navigating through your site. A complicated site structure is one that comes with several unnecessary designs that could lead the web users to a lot of confusion. When you design your website, make sure that it does not compromise the ease of navigation of your visitors.

Keeping unnecessary elements

Sure, there are good elements that you can add to perk up your website design however you should evaluate how these elements could sacrifice the comfort of your visitors when navigating through your site. Your failure to consider how these elements could cause a lot of confusion to your visitors such as when they add more clutters on a website page could have a negative impact on your website users. Keep only those essential elements that will be useful in addressing the needs of your customers and remove those that you don’t really need. De-cluttering your website page is one way to make a simple yet intuitive website that will be pleasing to navigate for your visitors.

Using overflowing content

It usually takes a few seconds for a web visitor to scan a site to determine whether it offers them what they are looking for. Therefore, you should be smart in providing site contents that are straightforward in communicating what you can offer to web users and complement it with a relevant graphic or image. Over-complicating your website design could cause the site to load slowly, easily discouraging potential visitors from staying on your website.

Displaying more ads than contents

Web users are simply using the internet to search for something. You need not complicate things in helping them find what they need from your website by displaying many ads which could be more than the content on your site. Try to post more contents above the fold of your web page and distribute the ad posts decently on conspicuous places but not in a way that it will overpower the presence of the valuable contents of your site. The call-to-action elements of your site contents are important to encourage your visitor to keep on using your site therefore they should be given more emphasis when designing your site.

Overdoing your website font designs and colors

With the advanced technology in web designing it is easy to find yourself getting carried away with making your website design as attractive as possible. But be careful not to overdo with the color scheme and font size that you use. Being subtle in your colors will make your website cleaner to look at. Try to choose two to three color schemes to uniformly use on your site and avoid using very big fonts that will make the texts too glaring to the sight of your visitors.

Simplicity remains to be the rule in web designing. Over-complicating your website could easily turn off your visitors because the web user always make convenience and simple navigation on each site a priority to them.

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