Private Linking Service For SEO

Private Linking Service For SEO


For our basic private linking service the following is what you’ll get:


Every month you can pick 20 keywords and 20 url’s that they will point to (all have to be from the same domain) so you could do an example keyword phrase like blue widgets.


If you wanted to plus 18 other keywords to any url that went to a page within including the homepage.


The link building is done every day and all links are one way links (no reciprocal links) and are from a bunch of different sites.

All content (articles, blog posts, etc) is hand written and the whole link building process is 100% white hat (nothing shady here).

In addition to articles and blog posts there will also be social marketing, a once a month video which will also be distributed, a monthly Press Release which will also be distributed and other methods will be used so that everything looks natural (just the way the search engines and people like them).


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New and better methods of getting results are added as they are found. Once they have been tested, integrated into the current systems and procedures you will benefit from these new methods on an ongoing basis.


You will also receive reports each month helping you to see the results.

After a month or two of the service there are more enhancements with no extra charge. These enhancements will pull in more Web 2.0 stuff and should increase the number of one way links provided at no extra cost either.


The main key to ranking in the search engines is getting links from outside sites and this service does that very well.


For most markets (except for the extremely competitive ones like insurance) this is the only service you will need to rank very well for your targeted keyword phrases.

This service costs $800 per month and we suggest giving yourself a few months before you expect to see the full results of the service.


We will keep you updated with detailed reports each month of your starting ranks for the desired keywords and make suggestions to help you reach your goals faster.


Interested in ordering this package?


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