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We build websites, Get them to Dominate Google with multiple listings for the keywords that we target and then we rent them out!

We often get asked how we can guarantee our results.

One client even suggested that we should create a website for him and he would rent it from us once it was top 10 in google for 3 agreed keywords.

This was a cool idea and we agreed to do this with a cost price and admin retainer up front.

Within 3 weeks we rented the website to him, with multiple listings in the first page of google for the three keyword terms that was agreed.

How cool is that!

How does it work?

Well, lets say that you are an attorney or a chiropractor in a busy city, you have a website or a presence on the web but you are not getting traffic, new clients and money from it. Lets say that your main marketing budget is taken by spending on large yellow pages adverts, radio ads and billboards and it is working to an extent but you cannot guage accurately what is working exactly.

Lets say we build a website, for your type of business, we make it have multiple top 10listings in google first pages for keyword terms that we have pre determined to be money words or buying terms. Lets say we accurately worked out the value of those keywords before we built the site and we built into that site a lead generation capture system to build a databse of people visiting who would need this service.

So we have now got a generic website, custome built, targetted to dominate google local search for keywords that we know are commercially motivated. We have the traffic already and we have the results…all we have to do is add contact page, about us page and some other info and perhaps some other info about your services.

How would that be beneficial to you?

Well, you would become an instant authority in your marketplace, you would become the subconscious person to go to as you seem to be dominating your marketplace.

We have even had instances that local media and press were asking our clients advice for their stories and turning them into local celebrity like figures and this in turn brought more clients and interest.

Can you see where i am going with this?

Do you think this is something you would like to know more about or probably not?

How to get started…

There needs to be an contract in place with the rental fees agreed before we start work, the retainer is payable upon signing the contract.

We also have to be very clear that we do not do this for everyone, we have to know that the client will fit as this is a specialist service with a long term benefit, we have to know that the client is committed to long term business partnership and we reserve the right to politely refuse to work with clients who we feel will not value our time, knowledge and experience as we get more focused on building their online marketing strategies, and tactics, in order to cut their costs and increase their revenue and customer base.

We will assess your industry and product or service and we will be able to accurately estimate the value that we can bring to you and with costs depending on the perceived level of work needed to achive the results.

We like to get into local geo marketing but if it is too specific it may not be profitable.

There has been some spectacular successes with Real Estate, Insurance, Restaurants, Hotels, Specialty Retail, Law & legal related services, Auto Sales and High End value products.

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