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The ultimate aim of a website is to get customers. After we drive visitor traffic to your website, and convince visitors that you are good to do business with, then we must have a result before they leave your website. That result is usually one of three things:

  • They contact you, or
  • They leave their contact information so that you can contact them, or
  • They place an order for goods or services on-line, if you have e-commerce

You do NOT want them to surf your site, say “that’s interesting, I’ll keep them in mind” and then move on without doing any of the above. Once they “walk out the door” without doing any of the above, your chances of doing businesses go way down.

You want to engage them before their attention and interest goes somewhere else – to a competitor, or out of town, or they get too busy.

You do NOT want them to need to “go the extra mile” to contact you. You want to prompt them to contact you, and make it simple.

There are many strategies to get in contact with website visitors. Which ones are chosen depends upon what is appropriate to your business.

“Today 90% of online customers prefer human interaction; 41% of consumers would be more likely to transact if human interaction were available.” (Source: Juniper Media Metrix)

Note one of our tactics at the bottom of some pages of this website. When people have reached the end of the page and are at a decision point on what to do next, e.g., where to click next, or whether to just close the window, one of their options presented there is to leave us a message with their contact information, or to try live chat with us.

If you see the graphic on the left with the phrase “Click here for live chat” anywhere on the website, you can click on it at any time to immediately enter a live type chat session with a marketing agent. A small pop-up window will appear, in which you simply type your name and click “Send” to begin the conversation.

(The two graphics here on the left are for illustrative purposes only and not functional or clickable. See the bottom of this page for the functional/clickable version.)

If you see the graphic on the left with the phrase “Please leave a message”, it means our marketing representatives are presently unavailable for live chat, but you may click on it at any time to leave us a message. A small pop-up window will appear, in which you simply type your name, e-mail address and message and click “Send“. A representative from one of our marketing teams will respond as soon as possible.

Most websites are like a store with no employees in it. Nobody says “Can I help you?” You walk in and can look at things on the shelves, but there is nobody there if you have questions. There is not even a bell to ring. If you click the icon above (if a marketing rep is in our office), then a bell rings on the speaker of a computer and one of our marketing representatives can hop on to chat.

There are additional ways to prompt people to contact you or leave their contact info, such as a pop-under contact window (but which might be annoying), a newsletter or mailing list if appropriate to your business, and others. It’s possible to monitor visitor activity as it occurs, and even to “push” a popup browser window to chat. However, what methods you use depends upon the nature of your website and visitors.

Some of these methods require the allocation of responsible staff or else outsourcing for assistance in monitoring your website’s traffic constantly.

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