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Salem Massachusetts Affordable Website Design

Salem Massachusetts Affordable Website Design

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Here at Boston Mass Affect Website Design we provide everything you need to have a great internet presence for yourself or your small business.

As small business owners ourselves we understand that money must be spent wisely when it comes to building a business. We do not want to spend money when we do not have to.

At Boston Massachusetts Mass Affect Website Designs Just For You we make sure that every single penny you spend will help you increase revenue and is not just for a lot of fancy, ineffective “bells & whistles”.

For one low price we will register your domain name, design your site, host your site, provide SEO, and maintain it for one full year.

Yes – A well designed Web Site can help you increase business.

Yes – Your Web Site should be distinctive.

Yes – You can have your Web Site designed and hosted at one place.

Yes – Your Web Site can place very high with the search engines.

Yes – You can find someone that will work hard for you.

NO – You do not have to spend a lot of money.


Boston Massachusetts Mass Affect Website Design Procss

Once your Order and Deposit are received, within 24 hours our Staff will brainstorm ideas and develop the most effective design for your Web Site.

Within 72 hours of placing your Order you will receive a mock-up of your HOME page. If you are satisfied with the initial design layout and colors, your project will proceed. If changes are requested on the Design or colors, within 24 hours you will receive the revised mock-up of your Home page for approval.

Once your HOME page design and colors are approved your Web Site project will progress. Usually you will receive 1 to 3 mock-up pages of your site each day for approval or changes.

After you have seen and approved every page of your Web Site – your Web Site will be made “Live” on the internet.

At Website Designs Just For You we know how to build effective websites.

We also know the purpose of a Web Site – be informative, improve your image, generate goodwill, and increase business.

In order to accomplish those goals it is not necessary to have a Web Site that uses all of the latest, fanciest, many times ineffective, web site building techniques.

What IS necessary to reach those goals is to design and build a Web Site with the following characteristics;

It MUST have very good content

It MUST be easy to navigate

It MUST be attractive

It MUST lead the visitor to take action

It MUST be designed using the best Search Engine Optimization techniques.

At Website Designs Just For You we work with you to build a Web Site that you are proud of and that accomplishes what it is suppose to.

We WILL help you choose the best domain name available
We WILL design a distinctive Web Site that you are proud of
We WILL provide Hosting for your Web Site
We WILL maintain your Web Site
We WILL help your Web Site be found by all major Search Engines

We have backgrounds and experience in Graphic Design, Advertising, Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization. All of these talents are used to make sure you get value for your money.

Call Us At 978.394.2231

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