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Comprehensive web design services and total website solutions

An affordable website can pay for itself quickly by the business it brings you. If you’re ever going to have a website for your business, better sooner than later!

Website creation for your new or existing business

Why wait any longer to get your website up on the internet? If you’re a complete novice, no problem, our friendly staff would like to help you! For marketing people and experts, you can outsource to us and focus on what you do best. We’re a local Boston Website Design firm strategic alliance, and can help you multiply the number of clients and income streams you can obtain.

Website marketing for your current business

A good website is of little value if it has few visitors. Marketing creates and leverages success, when performed as part of an effective and cost-efficient strategy, e.g.:

  • Search engine registration, search engine optimization — We understand how search engines work, i.e., their different ranking techniques, and can usually get a good website at or near the top of the list.
  • Directories — Also called “index sites” or “subject guides” or “on-line bookmarks”, e.g., Yahoo!, Lycos, …, we know which sites are most popular, which are free, which have fees, their unique features and how to get into each.
  • Other methods — We analyze and implement strategies such as posting messages to popular public message forums related to your product or service, finding relevant sites to consider posting banner ads, getting into targeted newsletters, requesting reciprocal links, and other strategies. We don’t do spam, but our communications staff can send e-mail one-by-one to specifically targeted recipients, making clear it’s personally addressed. The particular strategies chosen depend upon your product or service.

Website improvement or redevelopment

Give your website a cosmetic facelift or complete overhaul:

  • Graphics optimization
  • Proofreading
  • Content or copy writing
  • Researching competitors and researching for content
  • Programming enhancement and bug fixing
  • E-commerce implementation
  • Forms and processing (e.g., feedback, submit information structured for a purpose, refer the website to a friend)
  • Online database implementation
  • Search engine on your site (searches only inside your site, helps user find info)
  • Messageboards or forums
  • Newsletter subscriptions and mailings
  • Online classes
  • Translation into other languages or website localization

Website management and maintenance

A dynamic and active website which is constantly being updated and expanded will keep bringing visitors back and translate into more enquiries and sales. Website management and ongoing maintenance should therefore include:

  • Visitor analysis — where are visitors coming from, and what are they interested in?
  • New and revised material or content — writing, formatting, uploading
  • Research the news and the competition
  • Seed messageboards with new posts and new replies
  • Opinion polls on relevant current events
  • Replies to inquiries

Custom artwork or 3D graphics

We do all kinds of internet graphics for complete website projects and web development, but we also get small jobs just for:

  • Logo creative design
  • Existing logo conversion to 3D or animation, including Flash
  • Banner ads, including Flash
  • Business card design
  • Illustrative artwork

Domain name registration

If you don’t have a domain name yet, then we can help you research available domain names. If you want, we can also register your domain name for you with an affordable and reliable domain registrar, completely in your name. You will own it 100%.

Web hosting services

We can take care of any or all web hosting technical matters. Websites are normally hosted on the U.S. backbone on a U.S. based ISP, whereby we perform maintenance remotely. However, we can find a suitable ISP in any country and make the necessary arrangements.

Online customer support

We can have our staff learn your product or service and train them to provide customer support online. This can be integrated with your website by developing your FAQ section or technical knowledge base.

Don’t forget internet marketing and online promotion!

Although mentioned above already, the importance of internet marketing and online promotion cannot be stressed enough. Thanks to Boston Website Design firm Website Design, you might have the perfect domain name and business website, with engaging content, professional artwork, optimized graphics, efficient coding and fast web hosting — but if no one knows your website exists, it’s all for naught!

Therefore, continuous marketing of your website after its creation is a top priority to bring in visitors and to convert them into paying customers. This must be part of an overall integrated and coherent marketing strategy, which we can design, develop and implement for you from start to finish. You can leave the details to us.

Learn more about the whole strategic marketing process and see our strategy page which covers the four important components of successful internet promotion — marketing, including having optimal search engine placement; usability, or the functionality of your website; getting results, or “conversion” of a visitor into a customer; and, finally, prompt and effective follow-up to each and every visitor’s enquiry.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, simply contact us.