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Search engine optimazation is one of the most important business decisions that companies are making today. Using effective online marketing strategies, companies can add new revenue streams that were previously unavailable. Mass Affect Advertising is dedicated Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Company that not only promotes website but educates your business on the values of effective Website Promotion and achieving high rankings on search engines.

At SEO Services For The North Shore Massachusetts we will provide a comprehensive set of SE optimization recommendations and techniques to improve visibility of your website with the most key terms. Mass Affect Advertising marketing strategies are proven to achieve prominently positioned Natural search listings that deliver qualified visitors who are actively searching for your products. In addition, we will provide monthly performance reports that detail the performance achieved through the implementation of our strategies.

Search engine optimazation process brings you, our client, through every step of the process and helps your company become even more ambitious on the internet. Our high rankings ensures that you receive a return on investment that you are happy with.

In order to achieve goals, Mass Affect Advertising will develop a Internet marketing strategy which covers the following steps:

Website Analysis & Evaluation


Benchmarking is the continuous process of identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices against strong competitors or recognized industry leaders to help your website improve its performance. Benchmarking requires a measurement mechanism so that the performance “gap” can be identified.

Competition Analysis

This step involves preparing a list of competitors and analysis their website to closely observe and analyze various techniques used by them. This would help in preparing a strategy to be used to implement various other steps required to attain top rankings and would help your website to maximize its performance in search engines.

Website Analysis – Navigation, Usability Analysis, Technical & Designing Changes

The next step after Benchmarking and Competition Analysis is to analyze your website as to how closely be it related to this previous analysis. We study the structure of your website and compare the same with that of your competitors to give us an idea of how the optimization process should be.

We will optimize the site for maximum search engine exposure with this the same time focusing on the end user. We are trying to make as a user friendly website which is easy to navigate and user can enjoy their online experience.

To achieve goals, we will work closely with team of website designer and make it SEO friendly and contain the proper code, layout, navigation etc. to adhere to our SEO standard.

Site programming will begin once the client approves the newly enhanced website page. Website programming is the most vital element to the success of search engine optimization. We will start working on approved keywords and begin programming according to website analysis report. Programming may include the following:

Meta tags [ Title, description and keywords tag]
Images tags [Alt and title]
Keywords implementation into site
Keyword density check
File and directory naming and restructuring exiting directory/ file
Internal/ external links
Sitemap page design
Conversion of dynamic URL to SEO friendly URL’s
Creation of robot txt file.

Selecting The Best Suited Keywords

Keywords analysis and research are the pillars of all successful search engine optimization campaigns. The keyword analysis is the most important part that is ultimately what will boost ranking and drive traffic to the website.

After the initial keyword analysis, we will collect all such keywords which we consider will match your business requirements and send you a complete report of the same for your final confirmation on the keywords.

You will then have to select the best keywords in the order of importance and send us the same so that we optimize the pages according to those keywords to attain maximum results.

Successful Search Engine Optimization requires a comprehensive, customized approach based on a site’s unique characteristics. The Search Engine Optimization project will need to strike a true balance between website’s design and functionality, the searching behaviors of the target audiences, and the algorithms used by search engines to find results.

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