As more and more people rely on Google and other search engines for their information Search Engine Marketing is fast becoming the most important way for companies to attract business.

Search marketing and SEO services (SEM) can be divided into these four main types.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

  • Cost Per Action (CPA)

  • Pay Per View PPV)


SEO is by far the most cost effective method for driving traffic to your website and it’s what we specialize in at Page One Consultants. SEO ensures your website appears high in the search results the search engine (ie Google) shows after your’ve typed in what you’re looking for. This is also known as the ‘organic’ search results. SEO should be the cornerstone of any serious search marketing and SEO services campaign run by an Auckland business.


These are the ‘sponsored links’ or Ads by Google’ you’ll see to the right of the organic results and are paid for under a bidding system run by Google or other PPC provider. You bid on individual keywords, which cost anywhere from 1 cents, to over $1000 dollars (Manhattan law firms can pay this much for their clicks!) In Auckland you might have to pay up to a couple of dollars or a bit more for very competitive keywords, like ‘insurance’.

PPC has the advantage of putting your ad on the front page immediately if your bid is high enough. Then each time someone clicks on your PPC ad, you pay Google the amount of your bid. PPC is used very successfully by many Auckland businesses and is a very powerful search marketing and SEO services tool in the right hands. In the wrong hands however it can cost you a lot of money very quickly.

PPC is a good complement to SEO, but cannot take its place.

Please contact us first if you’re considering any form of PPC, search marketing and SEO services .


Like PPC this form of search marketing and SEO services is linked to keywords, but instead of paying when your ad is clicked on, you pay when the person who has clicked on it performs a specified action when they get to your website – for example entering their email address or buying something. CPA is becoming a very popular form of search marketing and is most effective in combination with banner or display advertising within websites, although PPC is used too.


This is a close relation of CPA and is the latest form of search marketing and SEO services used by some Auckland marketing companies. It works when the computer’s user has downloaded a program called ‘adware’ usually in return for getting something free, like a game or a ringtone. Then when they type in a relevant keyword, instead of seeing the search results they see an ad on top of it that fills the whole page.

Is search marketing and SEO services right for your business?

search marketing and SEO services is the way of the future for many Auckland businesses. But any advanced search marketing campaign must be built on the solid base of a properly search engine optimized website, with continuous SEO maintenance.

To find out more about any form of search marketing and SEO services and SEO Services and which forms are most appropriate for your business contact us today.