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Our search engine and directory optimization and submission service is designed to position web sites in top-ranking positions on the search results pages of major search engines and directories. Search engine marketing is most effective with a combination of both search engine optimization, which focuses on tuning web pages to rank high on the search results page, and purchasing of paid (sponsored) links from pay-per-click search engines. Our full service search engine and directory optimization program includes optimization and submission of web pages to editorial-style listings at search engines, directory submission services as well as purchasing and monitoring of paid inclusion and paid placement links.

Almost all search engines now support paid listings in addition to the traditional “editorial style” listings. Editorial listings allow free web site submission but they do not guarantee inclusion in the index and placement. Paid inclusion listing does guarantee inclusion in the editorial style listings for a fee, but not placement. By leveraging the technologies that search engines are utilizing to determine page relevance we are able to achieve and sustain top-ranking positions. We target only those search engines and directories that have proven to generate significant traffic.

Our Capabilities

Our team represents many years of shared experience and a thorough understanding of the major search engines and directories. Our capabilities include:

in-depth knowledge of search engine algorithms, directory submission guidelines, search engine strategic alliances, partnerships and business models.expertise in web site usability and navigation.
thorough understanding of paid inclusion services.
advertising copy writing and editing skills.
in-depth understanding of user search behaviors.
expert level search engine research skills.

Mass Affect Advertising also offers in-depth knowledge of the various paid placement programs. To help our customer take advantage of these programs we offer all-inclusive services that cover program registration, keyword selection, keyword bidding and monitoring of top paid placements.

How We Do It

Search engine optimization. Our goal is to rank a client’s web site in premier positions on the editorial search result pages of the major search engines. We first select the optimum target keywords for a web site and then create “keyword-targeted content” pages that we integrate in the web site. Those pages are carefully created to target one specific search engine for one or two primary keyword phrases. We also pay close attention to link analysis systems, link popularity building and the new evolving search engine technologies such as “theme-based indexing” and “click tracking”.

Our Guarantee. We guarantee that within 180 days from the start of the program, we will achieve for each batch of 10 keyword phrases, at least 5 top-rankings on 6 search engines we promote your web site on. If we fail to meet the guarantee we will continue to work on your web site listings until the guarantee is met, or you receive a pro-rated return for the percentage of top-rankings we did not earn. Top-rankings achieved above and beyond our minimum guarantee are free of charge. We typically generate between two to three times what our guarantee offers with over 75 percent of the top-rankings listed on the first page of search results.

Top-rankings are defined as a new listing within first two pages of search results.

Directory submission. Directories employ real human beings to review web sites that have been submitted through the paid submission programs (Yahoo and LookSmart). Editors review site submissions, then place these sites in one or more “categories” that are relevant to them. To achieve top-ranking positions in directories we compose site descriptions that include the most important keywords and keyword phrases you want your site to be found for and that will be accepted by the editor without alterations.

Paid listings management. At “pay-per-click” or “bid-for-position” search engines site owners can secure top-rankings in most of the major search engines by paying for each visitor or referral. We will place your site in one of the top-3 positions in most of the search engines for each of your target keyword phrases and review your rankings 24 times a day to ensure that your site remains in those positions. We can also assist you with cost management and ROI verification.


Search engines use software programs that crawl across the web to create a web page index that forms the bulk of the editorial listings that appear in response to a search from the home page. Many crawler-based search engines still allow you to submit your web pages for free. However, there is no guarantee that your pages will appear in the index and rank well on the search results page for a particular search term.

Web Site Analysis and Strategy Development

We offer the following search engine optimization services for search engines with editorial listings and paid inclusion programs:

Keyword selection.
Generate a complete report on the current standing of your web site’s search engine rankings for your target keyword phrases.
Conduct a web site content, usability and navigation review to determine “search engine friendliness”.
Evaluate the feasibility of restructuring of web site content in multiple web sites by subject content to accommodate “theme-based” indexing.
Identify HTML code and page conditions that may cause spiders to remove the site from the index due to unintentional spamming.
Establish a link popularity strategy and implementation plan.

Optimization Implementation

Our implementation process includes the following steps:

Creating or editing meta tags and title tags for internal web pages.
Implementation of page and web site structural changes to make it easy for search engines to index the content of web pages and determine relevance ranking.
Creating copy and templates for “keyword-targeted content” pages.
Integration of “keyword-targeted content” pages into main web site. We include links on these pages to guide the search engine crawler through the web site content.
Acquire inbound links from popular related web sites to improve link popularity.
Submission to the following search engines: AltaVista, AOL Search, Netscape, Lycos, HotBot (Inktomi), MSN, Google, Overture (unpaid listing only), Ask Jeeves, FastSearch/All The Web, Wisenut, Yahoo (Web Matches) and

Paid Inclusion Search Engines

Paid inclusion programs guarantee inclusion and deep listing in the search engine editorial listings for a fee. It does not guarantee a particular position in the search results. Being more deeply listed can help web pages to be more likely to appear in response to a wide range of search queries. In addition to guaranteed inclusion, search engines offering paid inclusion services refresh paid URLs frequently, allowing fine-tuning of search engine optimization efforts. Currently Inktomi, Ask Jeeves (through Teoma), Lycos (through AllTheWeb) and AltaVista are offering paid inclusion programs. Most search engines also offer a “bulk” inclusion program that allows submission of thousands of URLs. Usually these programs operate on a cost per click basis. In other words, rather than paying a flat fee to be included, you pay a fee each time someone clicks on one of your paid inclusion listings.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

At pay-per-click search engines advertisers bid against each other’s for ranking on keyword phrases. Placing the highest bid-per-click price for a keyword phrase achieves the highest placement or ranking on the search results page. Technically, the listings are free and advertisers only pay for clicks (visitors) they receive from the search engine listing. Pay-per-click listings at Overture and Google can give your site wide exposure because they appear at prominent positions in the search results of the major search engines. The exact position of these listings may vary from engine-to-engine. Sometimes they appear above the unpaid editorial listings, other times they appear at the bottom.


Google AdWords Select is a self-serve program that allows advertisers to create paid ads that appear in boxes placed along the right-hand side of the Google editorial search results. Advertisers pay for the ads on a click-through as opposed to an impression basis. Google’s program differs from similar programs offered by other pay-per-click-services, such Overture, in that it uses a formula that weighs the relevancy of each ad for the given search term (determined by the click-through rate) as well as the cost per click arrived at through advertiser bidding. Google’s paid listings also appear on AOL Search (top-3), Netscape (top-2), Ask Jeeves, CompuServe, Earthlink and Sympatico (Lycos Canada). The AdWords Select program has a set minimum bid for each keyword phrase, based on the popularity of the phrase. Minimum bids are 5 cents. A pre-paid advertising start-up budget is not required, advertisers can get started with a $5.00 activation fee.

Pay-Per-Click Submission Program

The pay-per-click search engine services includes:
Program registration.
Keyword and keyword phrase selection.
Writing titles and descriptions.
Linking keyword phrases to relevant web site content.
Bidding on keywords and keyword phrases.

Pay-Per-Click Maintenance Program

After the initial program set-up and bidding process has been completed the achieved top-rankings must be monitored on a regular basis to maintain the ranking positions. Monitoring is also necessary to void “bid gaps” – costly spaces or “distances” between your links and those of your competitors – to make sure you never pay more than necessary to maintain a particular rank.

The pay-per-click search engine maintenance services include:

Hourly monitoring of keyword ranking positions and “gaps” between bid amounts.
Hourly re-bidding on keyword phrases.
Monthly reports listing bid costs and advertising budget amounts.
Monitoring advertising budgets.


Directories employ real human beings to review web sites that have been submitted through the paid submission programs (Yahoo and LookSmart). Editors review site submissions, then place these sites in one or more “categories” that are relevant to them. Key to achieving top-ranking positions is to compose a site description that includes the most important keywords and keyword phrases you want your site to be found for and that will be accepted by the category editor without modifications. We optimize and submit web sites to Yahoo, LookSmart and ODP.

Directory submission services include the following:

Identify the appropriate directory category.
Review and fix broken links and other errors that may hinder submission of the web site.
Determine the keywords to be included in the site description.
Compose title and site description.
Submission of the web site to Yahoo, LookSmart and ODP.
Verify that the site has been accepted into the correct category.


By paying an annual fee – ¬†Yahoo will agree to review your site through it’s Business Express service and offer a yes or no answer within 7 business days on whether your site will be listed. You will not be given a refund, if your site is not listed or not listed as requested. However, the vast majority of sites that use the Business Express service do get accepted.


Open Directory Project

The Open Directory Project is a volunteer project composed and maintained by volunteer editors who devote their personal time to building a comprehensive web directory. ODP does not charge an inclusion fee. ODP editors review and list web site according to ODP guidelines and a fair amount of subjective judgment. We therefore do not guarantee placement in the Open Directory.

Search Engine and Directory Advertising

Search Engine and Directory Advertising is highly-targeted advertising in the form of sponsored links or ads that appear on the search results pages or at the top of category pages in human-compiled directories (Yahoo) for keywords you buy. Ads usually appear to the right, left or above the main editorial search results. Paid advertising in search engines and directories is usually sold on CPM basis or per click (LookSmart). This means you pay for how often your ad appears or how often the link is “clicked”.


Yahoo has a sponsored link program that allows site owners to buy a top spot for their web sites within a commercial category listing where users might more easily find them. Paid listings at Yahoo do not appear on the search results page in response to a keyword search. Instead they are displayed in a well-defined “Sponsored” box at the top of a category listing. Only sites already approved by Yahoo editors and listed within its directory can participate in the sponsored link program. Ads are sold on a CPM basis.


The Premium Sponsorships program is a CPM-based or fixed-price program that puts your text message at the top of pages containing the users’ search results.


The Search Engine and Directory Advertising Program includes:

Yahoo – Sponsored Links
Program registration.
URL submission (usually maximum 2 URLs per site).


Program registration.
Ad campaign set-up.
Keyword and keyword phrase selection.
Writing titles and ad text.

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