Successful Internet Marketing

Strategy for Successful Internet Marketing of your Local Business Website

As noted on our homepage, our websites are designed with a 4 step strategy:

  1. MarketingMarketing can drive visitors to your website in large numbers. Marketing is the number one method people become aware of your website, even over and above searching in search engines. No other method can achieve better results in boosting internet traffic and website sales. Marketing is vital for making your online business a success.
  2. UsabilityUsability issues include making sure the website is well-designed and easy to navigate, your products or services webpages contain plenty of relevant, useful information, contact details are displayed prominently everywhere to encourage people to reach you, etc. Mostly, usability is common sense and all about putting the visitor or customer first.
  3. Results – Getting results is of course the objective of any business website: converting casual visitors into paying customers. You want your visitors to feel motivated enough after browsing your website to take the next step and contact you. Various “live chat” options now allow instantaneous communication and feedback for visitor or customer enquiries, as opposed to e-mail which can mean delays of 24 hours or longer.
  4. Follow-upFollow-up means ensuring your staff answer quickly and completely to all customer enquiries, whether by email, mail, phone, fax or live chat. We follow up by examining logfile statistics and performing website analysis to report where most of your visitors are coming from, which webpages are the most popular, etc.

We suggest that you read each section in detail to fully understand how our websites are complete quality products to maximize the return on your internet investment.

First section: Marketing

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