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Once visitors take a look at your home page, they must quickly become seriously interested. Great artwork is wonderful, but most business people are looking for information.

“Usability” is a term in the industry which means two main things:

  • User friendliness of website
  • Usefulness of information on website

How many times have you gone to a website and been highly impressed with the artwork, but then can’t find useful information?

There is a lot to be said about website conceptual design, but it goes beyond the scope of this brief presentation, and depends so much upon your kind of business. However, there are a few general notes worth citing before we move to the next topic.

Usability experts emphasize that “content is king”. The one thing that makes the biggest difference in whether a user contacts you or buys a product or service is the information they find. It’s not the beautiful artwork or cool programming that stands the test of time.

Professional artwork and good programming are very important. However, too many websites appear to be artists and programmers designing to show off to their peers. Most users are just looking for information along their own interests. Websites should be designed for targetted user groups, not techies or artists.

It is also important that the website loads quickly. Great artwork sometimes slows down a website too much. We usually avoid “flash intros” but put a lot of effort into other artistic elements which add meaning to your image. The appearance must be professional, smooth and efficient. Many users will not navigate a slow site but just go elsewhere.

All programming features are chosen for their usefulness and appropriateness. We have the complete range of programming skills, but we design the website according to the needs of your visitors, not to show off our best capabilities.

All of our websites are tested by “new users” for usability, and also tested to work well in different web browser brands and versions at various screen resolutions. Different strokes for different folks.

The topic of usability is a vast one beyond the scope of this introduction, but covers the overall conceptual design of the website, text layout, programming and artwork.

However, the ultimate goal is to convert visitors into customers.

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