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Mass Affect Advertising Web Site Maintenance

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For many companies a web site has become a mission-critical component of the business, directly supporting marketing, sales, distribution, procurement and customer relationships management.

It is therefore imperative that your site is updated and enhanced regularly with new content and technology. Mass Affect Advertising takes full responsibility for a client’s web site, ensuring your site will be maintained and developed on an ongoing basis.

Content Updates

One of the most important aspects of web site maintenance is content updates reflecting changes and expansion of the business. New content in the form of monthly special offers, useful tips and noteworthy news articles give visitors a reason to return.

For sites that require frequent content updates we can develop a forms-based user interface allowing site owners to add, edit and delete content, themselves, without any knowledge of HTML.

Functionality and Technology updates

Our full-time staff offers our customers the development expertise required to build and support the functionality and technology updates your web site needs to remain competitive in the new world of online business.

Web Site Maintenance Services can be provided on either a fixed monthly arrangement or on an as needed basis. Major revamping of existing sites, including adding e-commerce, integrated database capabilities and other advanced work will be quoted separately as needed.

Please contact us for more information about this service or to receive a quote.

CALL US AT: 978.394.2231