“Complete SEO & Website development for your business”

A website that hasnt been designed from the word go with built-in search engine optimisation is like an un-lit candle in the dark. No one will ever see it unless they trip over it by accident.

But whatever type of business youre in and whatever kind of website you need to drive more business from our-wide Google searches, well deliver.

Page One Consultants specialise in developing websites that convert browsers into paying customers.

Our fully-optimised, fully-custom designed websites with Page One SEO Ignite maintenance for 6 months is exactly what you need for your busiess. Of course you can get DIY websites made form templates for much less, but in reality youll just be wasting your time going that way. For websites to rank highly in the search engines they must be unique duplicate content is frowned on by Google especially, and thats exactly what you get with cheap off the shelf website templates.

See our latest web design and SEO work:

So whether you need a simple online brochure or a function packed e-commerce site with an integrated shopping cart or booking form talk to us.

Heres what our dynamic team of highly talented website developers can create for your business:

  • Fully customised layout and graphics.
  • SEO friendly coding
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites)
  • Shopping carts
  • Booking forms
  • Email forms
  • Payment solutions
  • Photo galleries
  • Video galleries
  • FLASH animation
  • Dynamic FLASH
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Member only pages
  • Password protected downloads

Plus well help you strategically:

  • Internet marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Keyword research
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Offline advertising integration

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Search engine optimised website development process

To get the very best SEO results it’s best to start with a website built from the ground up with SEO best-practise followed every step of the way. Here’s the process we use to ensure that’s exactly what happens.

Step 1: Set the objective.

With the right strategy a developed website will build your brand and drive customers to your door – people who would often never have found you otherwise.
The first thing is to define exactly what you want the website to do, and what you want your customers to do as a result of visiting it. We’ll think about who your customers are and what will motivate them to buy your products or services.
At this point, your website development will also mesh perfectly with our SEO Ingite package to ensure you get onto page one of Google..
At this stage we’ll also consider the technical, functional requirements and factor them in the overall strategy.

Step 2: Design the website architecture

Usability is a prime requirement of a well designed website, so we’ll consider the content of the site and how we expect people to want to interact with it. We will map out the website and define the navigation. We also think about how the site might develop in the future.

Step 3: Website Blueprint.

Here’s where your website begins to take shape. We plan it out on paper first to locate key elements
and define the website’s functional requirements for our developers.
Things we consider are requirements for:

  • Page One SEO Ingite integration
  • Download speed
  • Special functionality – shopping carts, payment solutions
  • FLASH animation
  • Video integration
  • Forum or blog integration
  • User generated content
  • Social media integration
  • Password protection
  • Content management system (SMS)

Step 4: Graphic Design

We’ll create a look and feel for your website which reflects your brand’s personality and works with your company’s colours, logos etc.
When designing your site we consider your audience, how we want them to respond and important places on your site that we want them to go. Once you’ve approved this design from a mock-up we’ll apply it throughout your new website.

Step 5: Website Production

This where our development team work their magic. This process can take as little as two weeks – or longer. It all depends on the complexity of the website. However we will keep you updated every step of the way, and you will be involved in usability testing to ensure you’re happy with they way the site is working.

Step 6. CMS Training.

Most of our clients like to be in full control of their own website, so we train you in the use of your site’s Content Management System (CMS). Not only does knowing how to drive your website mean you can update your content at will, it saves you having to pay us to do it for you.

Step 8: Launch

After final usability test and check to see that everything is perfect your site goes live, and if you’re also using Page One SEO Ignite, soon you’ll see it up there on page one of Google, where thousands of other businesses who’re eager to send their business your way will see it too.

We work quickly to get you online and doing business ASAP.

Efficiency is our watchword, so we can have you online in as little as three weeks from the initial consultation to your website going live.

To get your Mass Affect designed business online and working hard for you with expert, customised SEO website development, contact us today. 

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