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Are you looking for a way to get on page one very quickly? Did high quality written content cross your mind?

Both regular and premium articles that are well written, relevant and interesting play a vital role in this process. Every site has written content in some respect- this content will be the vehicle that drives your potential customers to take action and actually purchase your product or service. Therefore, giving them as much valuable information and keeping them entertained is essential. The website content is a representation of you and or your business and how professional it is.

You don’t want to make a bad first impression because it is not up to scratch. Make sure that you have high quality written articles on your site to impress your readers. If youre going to put in lot of effort and time driving your target market and visitors to your site, then you need to ask yourself what are you going to do to keep them there?. Once they do get to your site, it is crucial that you give them content that is of premium quality. If your site content is poor, it is highly likely that the visitor will immediately hit the close or back button.

This is because your content speaks much about your credibility. If your business does not seem credible or trustworthy consumers will avoid doing business with you.

Consumers today are getting smarter. They want to know more about the things they would be paying for. This is the reason why you need content that would catch the interest of the visitors arriving on your site. You need to keep in mind that your target market will always want to know more.

Use Articles that Inform

Articles that are of high quality and are informative have massive impact on your site. There are a number of ways on how you can find relevant topics to write about. You can try using Google’s Wonder Wheel to start off things and get your creative juices flowing. The good thing about using Google’s Wonder Wheel is that you can start producing articles based on the keywords or key phrases that have direct connection to your business and to the terms that your target market uses in searching for websites in your field of business.

If you continue providing a steady stream of well written articles that contain relevant information about your field of expertise, your site gains more authority which also then helps in boosting your SEO efforts. If your website is very technical or specialises in a particular area, you need to be detailed and accurate. Know what youre talking about.

Size Does Matter

In terms of boosting your ranks with search engines, high quality or premium articles play a vital part. If you let your website continuously grow with more pages that have relevant content, search engines will start seeing your site as having more authority. Landing a spot on the top page of search engines would be the end result of using premium articles or content.

Keywords also play an important role in the process of producing premium content. You should know what keywords or key phrases to use and should also have knowledge on the strategic placement of these keywords or key phrases within your content. You should also have an understanding on keyword density. These are the things you need to factor in when producing articles that are SEO friendly. Keep in mind that you need to produce premium content that will meet the benchmark of search engines and at the same time keep the interest of your visitors to your website. An experienced SEO writer from a reputable SEO company will be able to help you on this area. Remember too many keywords spells disaster and can get you banned.

Relevant Articles

You may have noticed that within this article, the word relevant has been mentioned quite a lot. When we talk of relevance of content, we do not mean just the keyword. It is important that you grasp the concept of what relevant content means to achieve great results with the efforts you put in on SEO.

Some sites would send out articles to article directories and blogs that are filled with keywords and these articles have low quality most of the time. You should avoid doing this and should avoid placing such content on your site. The articles or content that you produce for your site and those that you send out should have information that would be helpful to your readers. Keep in mind that the content is a representation of your business. Aim to have only the best quality content.
Have you heard the term stickiness?

This pertains to the way search engines see and evaluate how visitors use your website. If your site visitors explore your site following links within your site and spend a considerable amount of time going through your site after following links then search engines would see this as your site being relevant. However if visitors would immediately leave your site after following links then search engines would deem that your site contains less relevant or having no relevant content. When this happens your site loses credibility points and this could lower your rank in search engine pages.

If you want to prevent this from happening you should know how to write content that would please the reader. You should know how to make the keywords appear naturally within your articles. After finishing writing you can read through what you have written and check that the keywords are present. By doing this you are also increasing your usage of Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI terms. Put simply these are phrases and keywords that are connected or related to the keywords you are targeting. This is a natural tendency or occurrence during the process of writing.

Take Advantage of Your Premium Content

When you have articles with premium content for your website, you can expand its uses. You can have them published in online directories such as or you can have them rewritten and submit them to other networks. You can use snippets or parts of your premium content and have them posted in blogs. You can also make a PDF version of the premium content and submit it to a file sharing website to help lure in traffic to your website.

This is what we call leveraging the content. This means that you will have a number of articles that are derived from well written materials.

You should know that there is a difference between website copy and premium articles. You should understand that website copy is written with a higher level of precision and regard for detail. Web copy represents you, your business, your company and the goods and services that you are offering. Website copy materials require in depth, to the point precision, relevance and accuracy.

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