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Website Packages FAQs

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Are there any hidden fees or charges?

No. Everything is included as specified on our pricing page.

What if I want to upgrade the site with additional items not included?

We offer a variety of additional elements for each website. If you do need to add some features you will find our pricing more than reasonable.

What exactly is included in my Website Package?

After you select the initial website page count you desire the following items are included;

Up to 10 email accounts configured and ready to go.

On Page Contact Form.

YouTube Video and YouTube account.

URL (web address) is transferred to you.

If selected the local phone number is ported to you at programs end.

All content, images and other website elements are yours.

All Email accounts are yours

You may alter your website images, content etc with a phone call or text/ email.

You may add content to your site as often as you wish

Free Indexing and submissions on Google, Yahoo & Bing

You may upgrade from a 1 or 3 page website to our deluxe five page website at any time. (certain conditions apply)

How much does it all cost?

We offer three Website Packages:

One Page Deluxe    $119 Setup Fee    $20 Monthly

Four Page Website    $399 Setup Fee    $20 Monthly

10-20 Page Website    $499 Setup Fee    $20 Monthly

How do you build a website for me with knowing nothing about me or my business?

After you click on the Buy Now button you will be taken to an order page. There we will collect some information about you and your business. Within one business day you will be contacted by a dedicated website designer that will work with you until the completion of your website. After we agree on the basic format of the site we will start populating the site with content and pictures. You are encouraged to add any and all content & images you may desire. With you participation the entire process should be no more than seven days.

How does the local phone number work?

The local phone number is included in all of our website ownership programs and it’s really very cool. This will be a local number on the website based in the largest market you serve. If you already have a toll free number we are glad to include that on the site as well. The local number has many great features;
Forward to any number you desire.

Block unwanted calls (Spam control).

Receive a text or email for each missed call.

Set your times of operations and have calls go straight to voice mail as you desire.

A Call history log of all calls received.